Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dallas BMX Flatland Scene Report

Sorry if i couldn't make it out there this pass Sunday. I Just came back from a Month stay in Philippines
on Saturday. The Jet lag got to me. I will be there this Sunday. Here is a Scene Report of Dallas Crew on Flatmatters

Scene Report Dallas,Texas
Text/Photos Jeremy Jones:

It’s December 2nd, it’s 81 degrees outside, and there’s a parking garage that spans for miles. Welcome
to Dallas, Texas! The Dallas riders have recently started getting together on Sunday’s at their new
garage (no security hassles on the weekends). There are over fourteen guys who ride flatland in Dallas
and the scene is growing. A few of the riders are seen here in these pictures: Brian Hiltz, Jason Smith,
Duane Duckworth, Clint Evans, Ben Stembridge, Jayson Hatcher, and Ross Smith. Other riders include
George Teneyek, Will Redd, Clinton Majors, Rio Pena, Jeremy Jones, Andy Powell, and the 2012
Texas Toast Veteran Class Winner: Nikola Olic! If you are living in or traveling through Dallas, come out
and ride! Contact:

The one and only, Ross Smith

Brian Hiltz

Jayson Hatcher

Ben Stembridge

Jason Smith

Clint Evans

Duane Duckworth

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